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What is an Energy Audit?

If an energy benchmark is the equivalent to putting your building on a scale to ‘weigh’ its annual energy performance, then an audit is the equivalent of a complete physical for your building. 

While benchmarks simply observe the current state of your building’s energy performance, audits are intended to discover and document exactly what is happening in your building from an energy efficiency perspective, and then provide actionable data on how to improve that performance. The primary deliverable of an audit is a report with a series of recommended, cost-effective energy efficiency measures that can be implemented, along with a financial analysis of the costs and benefits of each measure.

Why Perform an Audit?

Beyond simple compliance with local energy performance ordinances (such as in San Francisco), audits can be used to inform your investment decisions on how to maximize the financial performance of your building. Building owners and managers understand the value of reducing energy costs, but sometimes need help in seeing the bigger picture of the value in investing in increased, whole-building energy efficiency. By looking at the financial performance of energy efficiency measures, building owners and managers can make better, long-term decisions about how and where to invest in their buildings for maximum return.

Why Choose Boone Energy?

Audit are a combination of detailed detective work and lots of analysis. The more information we can gather on your building the better the analysis. At Boone Energy we have worked on all kinds of buildings ranging from older structures that have absolutely no documentation to new, extremely complex, life science buildings with abundant documentation. However, no matter how good the documents are, nothing is a substitute for on-site observation of actual conditions.

We go on-site for every audit and spend as much time as is necessary to accurately document the current state of your building’s energy ‘assets’ including HVAC equipment and controls, lighting, hot-water, building structure and overall operations. We take pictures and videos of everything for future reference. We talk to tenants, building engineers and even outside contractors that perform maintenance on the building’s systems. Then our engineers and certified energy auditors take over and analyze all of the available data looking for the most cost-effective steps that can be taken to improve the energy efficiency of each building while maintaining or improving occupant comfort. Big buildings of course take more effort than small buildings, but all buildings get our full focus.

At Boone Energy, our overall goal is to identify financially viable investments for you while making sure your building is compliant with local ordinances.